Patrick Hackermueller
butt-prof_All my life I have been intrigued by and drenched in all forms of visual design.
From my earliest days of drawing and painting, godfathering Vienna’s movement of graffiti writing, grabbing some education in photography and the graphic arts, earning a few merrits in stage-building, my way eventually led me to modern i.e. digital graphic-design where I got to work in quite a few areas of the trade. Be it TV, traditional print media, designing websites, creating corporate identities, all whilst not neglecting my skills in drawing by hand and as cartoonist.
By nature a team-worker, friendly and open minded and not easily losing my calm I am also used to working alone, by that growing my decisiveness and determination.
My experiences as social/street working volunteer also took great influence in my becoming a good team player and developing great empathy, a skill most valuable in dealing with co-workers, clients and sub-contractors.
As I am currently employed my services as graphic artist are NOT available to the general public.
You might want to check out my PORTFOLIO and my CURRICULUM VITAE
MY (mad) SKILLS:
Hand Drawing
After F/X
Cms editing (WordPress, Yoomla, Serendipity)
Corel Draw
Cut Plotter techniques
Flex/Flock foil printing/Transfer printing
Adobe Premiere
Video editing (beta)
Filom editing (film)
(scale)Model building
Stage building
Creature F/X
German (native)
English (fluent, spoken and written)