It’s election time in the small but beautiful country of Austria,
8th richest country in the world, nested nicely in the center of Europe,
far off crisis, hunger, war, whatever …

two (or three) of our 5 mentionable political parties think,
it is wise to make immigration policies the main concern of their electoral campains.

Thinking back in time a bit, we have to realise, that we strongly rely on the “old Austria”, the Monarchy, a multinational Empire, to justify the graetness of  the state we have today.

Thinking back in time a bit, we might realise that the unequal treatment of all those nationalities, that the priveleging of german speaking groups lead to the break-up of the monarchy and to World War one.

Thinking back in time a bit, we might realise that german xenophobia, that the blaming of others, outsiders, foreigners etc.and the the genocide and war  that followed (world war nr. two) nearly lead to the extinction of our oh so cherrished “german race”, and it only depended on the goodwill of the allied forces, that our “total war” wasn’t answered with total annihalation.

And yet again I have to hear this voices…

“Our Culture is undermined by foreigners…”
- What culture?
Eating Pizza and Hamburgers, watching baywatch and talk shows? Is that  the  “german culture” you are trying to protect?
Realise this : THE german culture you are thinking about was erased along WW2,
which i am honestly glad about. We have a german speaking culture now, great artists and what so ever, but none of that is endangered by foreign influence.
Thinking hard you have to conclude, that a culture free of influence will stop developing, stagnation will prevail and be the beginning of the downfall of that culture.

“They outgrow our population”
-Yes they might do, but why?
Is there a secret masterplan by turks to make as many babies as they can to overthrow the germans?
Or might it just be , that we are so complacent, so comfortable with our wealth  that we don’t want to share, that we stopped procreating? Is it wise for a nation, that lost about half up to 2/3 of it’s male populace in the last war, to have only one child per family, if they have kids at all?
Thinking hard we have to conclude, that the greatest enemy of our nation, is our disability to share our wealth with those who might are the key to our survival, our children.

“They take away our Jobs”
- Ya sure !!!
I forgot how eager austrians are to get jobs as room cleaners, and as helpers on building sites etc.
Thinking hard I don’t even want to answer that one.

“They are all criminals”
There are a lot of foreigners here, that are waiting for the authorities to decide weather their plea for asylum is granted or not. They are not allowed to work officially in that time. That time can stretch for months and years. So naturally they are easy prey for those, who need a helping hand in crime.
of course there are others too, those who are affiliated with international organized crime, but they don’t have much to do with those people who want to live in Austria anyway.
Thinking hard one has to conclude, the average foreigner is no more criminal than the average austrian, but settled in lower social classes by nature, and therefore much more tempted by crime.

“…those muslim women and their headwear..”
-Hooooold it right there …..
I remember a time, back in the 70′s, when in the austrian countryside a woman that wasn’t covering her hair with a rag was considered a “big city whore”, a “wife of the devil” in the eyes of the majorly fundamental catholic populace.
Thinking hard I have to conclude, that our society grants a little more freedom to women than maybe some muslims, but hey, this advantage we think of is one of years or decades at the most, not centuries like many claim. And isnt it maybe an advantage in the direction of decadence? So think hard about your own religions customs, before you judge others.

“…they should learn german, if they want to live here”
Like all those austrians in foreign countries, who either expect the people there to speak german also, or even worse, to understand austrian english.
Thinking hard we have to conclude, everyone that is living anywhere, without learning the dominant language, is causing himself more troubes than to anyone else. because it’s diminishing his job chances, his success in everyday life. So be it. Everyone is the master of his own life.

Hmmm, whilst writing this, I answered another one of my questions..
Why is it so easy to catch people with nationalist or racist phrases?

Thinking hard, I have to conlude that NOT being a nationalist, NOT being a racist requires to think hard, to have some knowledge of your own peoples past, requires not being ignorant.

“Tough thing to ask from an average person.”
At least that seems to be the way our polititians think about their people.

Thinking hard i have to conclude, it’s time we showed them.
Showed them nationalist phrases are not enough to win an election,
show them the average austrian is not as stupid and ignorant as our leaders might think.

VOTE, and vote for what YOU think is right,
and i beg you,
THINK HARD before you do that !!!

(being aware of the probable outcome of these elections which will put me to tears,  i am glad to know:)
It’s all just one big fucking joke!

It has to be, please universe, let it be a joke !!!!

P.S., special word to my fellow austrians:
Keep in mind, that, on a genetic basis, we are far more german speaking slavs, than dark haired germans !!!
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