At war with a friend

Friends will be friends,
at least the real friends,
those you embrace in brotherly love.

But as life is,
sometimes you cannot avoid hurting your brother.
Sometimes achieving a goal,
meeting one of your own needs,
satisfying a dire desire,
requires us to act,
act without remorse,
act without hesitation.

Sometimes a friend might be in the way,
blocking your path,
maybe because out of care for you,
maybe because he is askin for your loyalty in this case,
maybe even on purpose,
simply to stay in control.
just so you might not have,
what he does not want.
Most surely because he does not understand,
what it is worth to you…

And you act,
your friend gets hurt,
he takes it as a strike against him,
and he deals a few blows back.

And there we stand,
blades crossed,
a few wounds bleeding.

And there we stand,
blades crossed,
without motion.

Friends, brothers,
eye to eye,
blades locked,
afraid to move,
afraid to have to inflict more pain,
unable to draw back,
unwilling to give the opponent the possibility to strike again.

Old and small wounds have broken open,
the little missunderstandings,
the small scars we never mentioned
for not wanting to raise conflict where none should be.

But it all is acute now,
as we stand there,
blades crossed,
without motion.

It is the male dance,
the second oldest dance on earth,
invented minutes after discovering the dance of love.
It’s ridiculously pathetic, and still of wonderful grandeur.
It’s our oldest and deepest habits,
it has always been there,
it utilised rocks, spears, blades, guns,
and most of all, it utilises our hearts and minds.
And as it is,
between friends and brothers
it utilises the deadliest weapon of all,
the spoken word.
Spoken to you or about you.
Spoken out of pain, disappoinment, maybe jealousy,
to justify your anger in the face of bystanders.

And there we stand,
blades crossed,
locked tightly,
unable to move,
eye to eye.
what will it be brother, what will it be.

The wounds are deep,
the scars will heal never again,
on neither side.
Whats done is done.

But I will not back off my goal,
but i never meant any harm,
and I will never regret my decision to act as I did.
As I, and I alone will have to suffer the consequences,
and a friend will not judge and fight but understand and assist.

And there we stand,
and my blade will remain silent,
as long its not forced.
What will it be brother, what will it be.

After all, in these tense times,
we should never forget:

It’s all just one big fucking Joke !!
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One Response to “At war with a friend”

  1. emes Says:

    beeindruckend geschrieben.

    wirklich gut ausgedrückt!

    *neidisch ist*

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