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Tribute to A Wedding Anniversary

Sunday, April 5th, 2009

Check out my latest project, the MySpace page for “Tribute to a Wedding Anniversary” (
My work includes the Logo, their myspace profile page, photography, promo texts, banner(s), wallpapers for fans, etc….
Their music is great, it’s fun to work with them and I am entirely thankful for being given the opportunity to develop the visual appearance of a great band,…..

a Tribute -
Resurrection to songs that should neither be forgotten
nor lost in the floods and tides of time…
A french keyboarder and singer,
former member of “A Wedding Anniversary”,
joined by two sisters of russian origin
representing a new generation,
not only revive those songs,
but re-invent them,
rejuvinate the old blood running in those artworks’ veins,
fill them with life again,…

Those three musicians are getting ready now,
ready to step out of their cavelike rehearsal room,
ready to face the bright lights of the stage,
to bring you a full hearted, red blooded

Tribute to A Wedding Anniversary

You can support them by adding them as friends, or maybe even sport their banner on your site:

and to finish this, here are some pictures of the band in rehearsal….: