Raymond Passworthy: Oh, God, is there ever to be any age of happiness? Is there never to be any rest?

Oswald Cabal: Rest enough for the individual man – too much, and too soon – and we call it death. But for Man, no rest and no ending. He must go on, conquest beyond conquest. First this little planet with its winds and ways, and then all the laws of mind and matter that restrain him. Then the planets about him and at last out across immensity to the stars. And when he has conquered all the deeps of space and all the mysteries of time, still he will be beginning.

Raymond Passworthy: But… we’re such little creatures. Poor humanity’s so fragile, so weak. Little… little animals.

Oswald Cabal: Little animals. If we’re no more than animals, we must snatch each little scrap of happiness and live and suffer and pass, mattering no more than all the other animals do or have done. Is it this? Or that? All the universe? Or nothingness? Which shall it be, Passworthy? Which shall it be?

Dialogue from H.G. Wells’ “Shape of things to come”, 1936

At war with Death – Rest in Peace Roland

Dear Roland!

Do you remember the olden times?
I was 14 or 15, you where 5 years older…
We used to live in the same appartment complex.

You where just my 2nd degree cousin
but for me you where the big brother at that time,
the brother I so desperately longed for…

You where a gifted one,
a great painter and graphic artist,
a beautiful, tall and sportive guy,
a real ladies man
and everybody only had the highest hopes for and expectations in you.

Maybe thats why it all went wrong…

You where already heavy into drinkin,
and as a good and proud little brother I joined you.

I used to leave for school around 7,
but hid near my house where I could see when my mother left for work,
then we met, went to the supermarket, bought our first 2 litres of wine,
and sat at my moms place drinkin…
around noon we got the next bottles of wine
and usually passed out drunk sometime in the afternoon…
Before mom came home, we got up again,
scored some liquor and where off to the nearby woods
to continue drinking, and drinkin, and drinking……

After mom went to bed, I got home,
tryin not to wake her, so she wouldn’t see the state i was in.

It went like that for about 2 years,
till I woke up puking everyday,
till I had dropped out of school cause i haven’t been there enough anyway.

I realised then, this would kill me sooner or later,
so I tried to keep away from you….

I found a girl,
stopped drinking,
avoided contact with you..

I wasn’t strong enough to keep you from going on,
and i didn’t want to drown in your downward spiral…

I think over the last 20 years, I only saw you a cpl of times,
you where always drunk, it was always an akward feeling to see you…

Last tuesday you died,
your inner organs quit on you,
like me and so many people who loved you,
but didn’t have the power to help.

You where a gifted one my friend
I don’t feel guilty for deserting you as a reflex of self preservation,
but I am terribly and deeply sorry I was in no position to help you…

I missed you those last years,
and I will always miss you

I love you


P.s.: Hard to still believe it might all be just one big fucking joke !!

Tribute to A Wedding Anniversary

Check out my latest project, the MySpace page for “Tribute to a Wedding Anniversary” (
My work includes the Logo, their myspace profile page, photography, promo texts, banner(s), wallpapers for fans, etc….
Their music is great, it’s fun to work with them and I am entirely thankful for being given the opportunity to develop the visual appearance of a great band,…..

a Tribute -
Resurrection to songs that should neither be forgotten
nor lost in the floods and tides of time…
A french keyboarder and singer,
former member of “A Wedding Anniversary”,
joined by two sisters of russian origin
representing a new generation,
not only revive those songs,
but re-invent them,
rejuvinate the old blood running in those artworks’ veins,
fill them with life again,…

Those three musicians are getting ready now,
ready to step out of their cavelike rehearsal room,
ready to face the bright lights of the stage,
to bring you a full hearted, red blooded

Tribute to A Wedding Anniversary

You can support them by adding them as friends, or maybe even sport their banner on your site:

and to finish this, here are some pictures of the band in rehearsal….:

Happy St. Patricks Day – Oh Danny Boy

I wish to all o’ ya a happy happy St.Patricks day and present to you “Danny Boy” performed by Sinead O Connor on The Late Late show Christmas 1993 , and as for Ireland, I pray to the Dark Stars for peace up there!! It’s two nations, two religions but only one Ireland, and for each and everyone up there it’s only ONE life. Live it wisely, love , party , have fun and don’t endulge in violence. Peace !!

Ah Danny boy, the pipes,
the pipes are calling
From glen to glen,
and down the mountain side

The summer’s gone,
and all the flowers are falling
‘Tis you, ’tis you
must go and I must bide

But come ye back
when summer’s in the meadow
Or when the valley’s hushed
and white with snow

And I’ll be here
in sunshine or in shadow
Oh Danny boy, oh Danny boy,
I love you so

But if you come,
and all the flowers are falling
And I am dead,
as dead I may well be

You’ll come and find
the place where I am lying
And kneel and say
an “Ave” there for me

And I will hear,
though soft your tread above me
And o’er my grave
will warmer sweeter be

And you will bend
and tell me that you love me
And I will sleep
in peace until you come to me

But if I live
and should you die for Ireland
Let not your dying thoughts
be just of me

But say a prayer to God
for our dearest Island
I know He’ll hear
and help to set her free

And I will take your pike
and place my dearest
And strike a blow,
though weak the blow may be

Twill help the cause
to which your heart was nearest
Oh Danny Boy, Oh, Danny boy
I love you so.

Oh Danny Boy

Just coming home from my Aunts funeral,
I want to present to you this wonderful song, a song i would want to be played, or better sung at my funeral when the time comes, and I hope that won’t be too soon.

anyway, here’s the lyrics, and the song to download….

Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling
From glen to glen, and down the mountain side
The summer’s gone, and all the flowers are dying
‘Tis you, ’tis you must go and I must bide.
But come ye back when summer’s in the meadow
Or when the valley’s hushed and white with snow
‘Tis I’ll be here in sunshine or in shadow
Oh Danny boy, oh Danny boy, I love you so.

And if you come, when all the flowers are dying
And I am dead, as dead I well may be
You’ll come and find the place where I am lying
And kneel and say an “Ave” there for me.

And I shall hear, tho’ soft you tread above me
And all my dreams will warm and sweeter be
If you’ll not fail to tell me that you love me
I’ll simply sleep in peace until you come to me.

I’ll simply sleep in peace until you come to me.

Download and check out my favourite Version by the Irish Tenors:
  Irish.Tenors-Danny.Boy (3.4 MiB)

Irish Tenors sing Danny Boy

At war with Death – Rest in Peace Auntie Herta

Herta Oeltze
born Aug. 26th 1931 (as Herta Plank)
died Feb. 18th 2009

The dark and cold one,
the eternal,
the unescapable,
remorselessly swung his scythe again,
taking another member of my family,
into the depths of his realm…

It’s hard to tell anyone about my dear Aunt Herta,
without evoking the picture of an unlikeable person
in someone who did not know her.

She was a harsh person,
extremely negative in her perception of the world,
widow to a small time con artist and womanizer,
mother of two sons and a late born daughter,
none of those made it easy for her,
none of those had it easy with her.

She partly raised my father and
also took me under her wings,
when our mothers where to busy working,
eagerly trying to provide for their sons.

(Great-) Aunt Herta,
bitter and dark as she was,
had a heart as big as a mountain,
truly loved her sons and nephews,
not only despite but also because
we where dodgers, rascals and pranksters.

Aunt Herta left us at the age of almost 78,
when she began to lack the power to provide for herself,
when the retirement home seemed the only way to go,
if she wanted to survive.

I regret not having visited her when she was in hospital
some weeks ago,
too agonised I think I was by my experiences with Viola,
not wishing to witness another of my kin fade away.
So I missed that opportunity to say goodbye.

I am sorry Auntie, deeply so.

So, grim reaper,
i strongly suggest,
when Aunt Herta is cooking something for you,
you’d best take your place at the table immediately,
with washed hands,
sit upright,
show manners,
eat up and don’t forget to praise her cooking skills adequately,
treat this woman with respect,
or she’ll show you,
I can promise that.

Herta, you where one of my darkest stars,
and deep down you knew,
and you taught me in many ways,
It’s all just one big fucking Joke!!

Thank you
with all my heart
your rascal Patrick

GOJIRA @ L’Elysee Montmartre

…However unbelieveable it is, the lights on stage turn off at about 20:27, then the lights in the crowd, and there it is: the intro, known as the one at the end of the song that is going to come up next: OROBORUS. First song of the new album! …

Read the complete review at our Fansite for Gojira on MySpace: “A Gig To Behold…”

At War with Death – R.I.P. Viola

Once again,
deaths ugly face was looming over someone close to me,
his foul stench sending shivers down my spine,
his vicinity making my entrails cramp up
and sending wave after wave of fear through my soul.

Once again, death struck without remorse,
taking the life of a 26 year old girl.
His shadow was cast over her life for 10 years,
He lured her in,
making it impossible for her to fight against him,
making her afraid of a long and hard way to recovery
with no certainity of success,
not granting her a great enough reason to live,
to overcome his cold and iron grip.

On December the 27th 2008 my cousin

On December the 27th 2008 my cousin
my greatest ally in this generation of my family
after my sister died,
a kindred soul,
a soul way to young,
finally perished after weeks in coma.

So I try to face reality,
with yet another dear relative and friend gone,
and I have to ask myself

could she have beeen forced to fight?
can she have been forced to live?
Was the decision up to her?
Was she able to make the decision herself?
Was her mind free enough of pain and fear,
to truly see what was ahead of her?
Was she only lacking the trust in herself to get better on her own free will?

and more thoughts keep echoing through my head:

Can I help, what I don’t understand?
can I interfere,
judging only on basis of the little I know?
What if any step I take to help
worsens the situation because I didn’t assess it right?

What remains is a deep and agonising feeling of being powerless,
being empty,
being cheated and robbed by a greater power,
being left back alone…

I dread letting my grief take over,
I dread letting the tears flow,
because I would not be sure how to stop them again,
how to dig myself out of the deep black hole
that the pain seems to be digging for me.

I dread letting the image of her dead body
on a hospital bed rise to my mind,
ready to pull me down and away in a spiral of sorrow
that might know no escaping.

And still i will have to confront these emotions,
learn to embrace them,
deal with them,
for I cannot afford to suppress them,
to be haunted by them for years like it was
after Levin’s and my sisters death,
when those feelings snatched me from behind,
almost making my own survival an uncertainty.

I want to cry, I want to weep,
I want to scream in anger and despair,
I want to be held tight,
I want my head and hair to be stroked,
while being whisperd to:

“Let it flow,
it’s all good,
let the pain rise and flow through you.
Let it flow,
and don’t be afraid,
because you will live,
don’t be afraid.”

On January 9th 2009,
we buried Violas young body,
and with that the hopes and dreams of her family and friends,
but not the love and affection shared for her.


why couldn’t you see,
in the end
and in this case, TRULY A JOKE TO CHOKE ON

Viola Nicole Hackermueller, *4.12.1982 – †27.12.2008

P.S.: I wish I could hate you for leaving me alone…but I can not.

GOJIRA @ L’Elysee Montmartre | Paris, France

In strong anticipation of our journey to Paris in February and attending Gojira’s concert there I want to present their latest Video to you:

GOJIRA’s brand new video ‘ALL THE TEARS’ was directed and made by Spanish artist Jossie Malis. Drummer Mario Duplantier comments : ” We first came accross Jossie ‘s work with his astounding animated films : Bend It to Machine (www. benditomachine. com) and we really liked the way he told stories in a very mysterious and unusual manner. His enigmatic animations deal with serious issues and are yet always permeated with a sense of poetry. We, as music writers, are trying to mix very different emotional atmospheres. We are happy to present a visual / audio work that gathers the sort of brutality of our music with the sensibility of his drawings.”
Official Gojira website on MySpace


Are we left all alone?
Mother has no time but she cares for me
and she cried all the tears
I am joining now the river flow
I am three days old
Now the time has come
You have to be man
I don’t want to destroy
the only chance I have to survive down here
The wind blows I’m so scared
and the waves so big, I’m not prepared
I will have to be strong
but for now I cry all the tears

Now enter the storm and feel electric sword
My entire life is about to burn
I am struggling, life is illusion
But I keep the dream of a better time

This secret knowledge I receive from where I am
So precious the treasured icons
Extended to this point
Forget the ones that hurt
They all want, they struggle
They fight and try to dry their tears

We’re all left on our own
We are bound yet by each others lives
Now I’m leaving this world
I will never forget the river flow

The pains and traps of life
I put my scars away and love
I have to face the truth of living
I left my boat behind
I am not taking it
Where I go I won’t be crying
I die

Get Windows XP key from Installer CD itself !!!

From :

Microsoft’s new Windows Product Activation presents support techs with all sorts of new challenges, including the need to have a valid product key to install, or reinstall, Windows XP on workstations. But what do you do if you can’t find the CD with the original key. You can discover the key using the trick below.

Steps :

1. Insert the Windows XP disk inside your computer.
2. Explore the CD from my computer.
3. Open the folder I386.
4. Locate the file UNATTEND.TXT and open it.
5. Scroll down to the last line and there you will fine the product key.

PS (by this sites editor):
the product key found in unattend.txt is ot the product key for the install CD but rather a prototype KEY for the very first version of windows, its the same key on every windows XP cd (differs only between SP versions)
so you cant activate your windows over the internet with it, but at least you’ll have it running for 30 days, until you find another solution !!

Tests on the overal validity of this are run right now!

Disclaimer: This article is for informational and educational purpose only, as most information is found on various part of Internet. Readers should contacts Microsoft if their licensed or OEM software cannot be installed or purchase genuine software.